Up To 15 Apts & 30 Bathrooms

3M Building Filtration System



Single, rugged, solid brass, programmable, motorized piston valve; time clock initiation with manual initiation capability

Single, heavy duty composite mineral tank; will not rust or corrode, less weight to ship and less susceptible to damage than FRP

Single point distributor system with quartz gravel under-drainage eliminates channeling of media bed and is less susceptible to damage during shipping or installation

Wide selection of high quality filter media

Complete installation and operating documentation provided with system

Toll-free technical support by telephone (within US) or by e-mail

5 Year Limited Warranty

Contact The Molecule Project and our experts will help you find the perfect filter for your home. We'll just need the following information:
Number of kitchens
Number of bathrooms
Number of people
Size of pipe coming into building